North American Registry of Structured Settlement Consultants


Yet another software company trying to capitalize on the popularity of the keyword "structured settlement" by scraping the names of structured settlement consultants from the NSSTA website. The fact that the geeks who set this site up call it a Registry when few people listed have actually registered shows how deluded they are.

The acronym NAROSSC sounds more like a genus of mollusk. The people that suffer are suckers who buy into this absolutely non prestigious website and the good names of the settlement consultants they have bogarted.

If you are looking for a structured settlement consultant go to the NSSTA website and find a member. Or Google certified structured settlement consultant or master structured settlement in your city

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Registry in name only, No reputation, No credibility as registry.


Owings Mills, Maryland, United States #1207450

Yep the gump that was behind this should stick to shrimpin

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1186181

Looks like the writer of this complaint was spot on. The shellfish acronymed website is off the air.


Any idea the name of John Darers boyfriend? I would like to ask his partner how he deals with such an ignorant bigot who has no friends and is made fun of by all of his peers.

to Anonymous Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States #1068072

From the looks of it you're the ignorant bigot and homophobe Beyotch, bro

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